Division 07 : Mining of metal ores
071  Mining of iron ores
 0710 Mining of iron ores
   This class includes mining of ores valued chiefly for iron content, beneficiation and agglomeration of iron ores
   This class excludes:
   - extraction and preparation of pyrites and pyrrhotite (except roasting), see
  07100Mining of iron ores
072  Mining of non-ferrous metal ores
 0721 Mining of uranium and thorium ores
   This class includes mining of ores chiefly valued for uranium and thorium content (pitchblende etc.), concentration of such ores, production of yellowcake
   This class excludes:
   - enrichment of uranium and thorium ores, see 2011
   - production of uranium metal from pitchblende or other ores, see 2420
   - smelting and refining of uranium, see 2420
  07210Mining of uranium and thorium ores
 0729 Mining of other non-ferrous metal ores
   This class excludes:
   - mining and preparation of uranium and thorium ores, see 0721
   - production of aluminium oxide and mattes of nickel or of copper, see
  07291Mining of copper ore
  07292Mining of aluminium ore (bauxite)
  07293Mining of manganese ore
  07294Mining of chromium ore
  07295Mining of precious metal ore (gold, silver)
  07296Mining of lead and znic ore
  07299Mining of other non-ferrous metal ores, n.e.c. [titanium ( ilmenite and
rutile) ,niobium, tantalum, vanadium or zirconium ores; tin bearing ores; and, nickel, cobalt, tungsten, molybdenum, antimony and other non-ferrous metal ores]
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